Update vanuit Poolse pinksterbeweging over hulp aan Oekraïense vluchtelingen

Update vanuit Poolse pinksterbeweging over hulp aan Oekraïense vluchtelingen

February 28, 2022

Marek Kaminski, de leider van de Poolse pinksterbeweging houdt ons goed op de hoogte via verslaglegging over de vluchtelingencrisis. De onderstaande tekst is in het Engels.

Feb. 27th, 2022 – update on refugee crisis

1. During the last three days 386.00 Ukrainians escaped from their country. 200.000 of them have come to Poland. Soon the numbers are going to be much bigger.
2. Mainly women and children are crossing the border. Men age 18-60 are not allowed to leave their country. They’ve been ordered to stay and fight.
3. It appears that the entire nation of Poland have rushed to help Ukrainian refugees offering them accommodation, food and basic help. Ukrainians are deeply touched with Polish “kindness” (they use that term often). It is a very uplifting situation.
4. There is a lot of chaos in every dimension of the situation. We understand it. All are struggling with the war madness and mass migration from the war zone.
5. Pentecostal Church of Poland helps the refugees. Their number can be described by thousands, not hundreds.
6. Most of local congregations are active to some degree. I highly compliment them. Their work is based on personal relationships with some Ukrainians so the help is directed to Christians and friends. Glory be to God. Unfortunately, I am unable to get to know all the details – they are overwhelming.
7. I have visited three Ukrainian congregations today (Sunday) to talk and get the information about their activities. I am deeply impressed with a large scale of their effort.
8. How do we help?
• There are vans and buses that constantly travel to the border. They bring refugees to place of shelter. Ukrainian congregations are extremely busy. Sometimes almost 100% of them are devoted to that ministry. In most cases the refugees ask for assistance in advance while still being in Ukraine. As I mentioned before, thousands are being helped.
• Big number of Ukrainian refugees want to stay in Poland temporarily. They plan to travel to other countries (USA, Canada, western Europe). We provide them with accommodation, food, clothing, hygiene items (diapers are needed), legal assistance and some allowance for further travel.
• Finacial spending – what do we spend the money on:

o Huge amounts of gasoline,
o Accommodation (in some cases rent, heating, electricity, water),
o Bulk of groceries and food preparation,
o Clothing
o Buying bulk of hygiene supplies,
o Legal assistance
o Supporting financially further travel to final places of destination in Poland or abroad

Finances are needed and supplies such as: food, clothing, hygiene items. I just want to mention that the storage space is limited. Beyond what I have described above, there are very limited possibilities of transferring supplies to Ukraine. The security measures are getting even tighter according to Polish government statement – they declared that we can transport the humanitarian help only through rare government means of transportation. However, we have some Ukrainian people who can arrange it but IT CAN’T be spontaneous.

9. Gratitude.
• Thank you very much for fasting and prayers. I kindly ask you to continue that spiritual battle.
• Thank you for your financial offerings, both from Poland and abroad. That is a very good news - we have the means to help, at least for a couple of weeks.

May the Lord Jesus bless you all, Marek Kaminski